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Matt's Marketing Mastery in 13 questions

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

1. What do you do at Mash? Tell us why you’re awesome!

In short, I help businesses grow. I work within a team of highly effective dudes to create highly engaging content and future-proofed business strategy.

Day to day I’m involved in creating attention-grabbing online/traditional ads, email marketing, sales funnel development, market research, web development and business strategy.

2. What’s your favourite part about working with different clients?

Every day's different.

Each client is unique in their size, geographic location, industry and business goals, and they all come to me with different questions, problems, or pain points. It’s great to be able to work with them to solve such diverse issues, and this in turn makes me a better marketer.

The more diverse or challenging the problem, the better I become at my job. It’s a win-win.

3. What’s the biggest misconception people have about what you do?

That marketing is the solution to all business growth problems.

Marketing is fundamental to business success, but it needs to be paired with effective business strategy, sales processes and goal setting.

Failure to address these other key areas of business can results in ‘bottle necks’ in lead generation, lack of sales results and slow growth.

Want the best bang for your buck? Invest in refining all areas simultaneously. It might seem like a lot of work, but building on top of a good foundation will be way less of a headache in the long run, and will set you up for future success.

The resemblance is uncanny

Intermission Q (Matt) – Some people compare you to Captain America. Is that fair?

That’s ridiculous, he has much nicer hair than me

4. What did you do before coming to Mash?

Worked in government, private and non-profit sector in various marketing and project management roles for the past seven years. I also travelled through 28 countries and worked long term in the UK, South Africa and of course, Australia.

5. Who influenced you the most when it comes to how you work?

Number 1 would be my parents, they are some of the hardest working people I know. Growing up you don’t realize how much parents have on their plates juggling full time jobs, raising a family and after-work/weekend activities.

They always instilled in me that hard work and persistence pays off, and the importance of having a good work life balance.

In recent times, Tim Ferriss has been a wealth of knowledge.

6. What’s your go-to productivity trick? How do you really crush it?

Hard to reduce it to one, but the main ones would be:

- Chunking – doing similar tasks at the same time, to save time.

- The Big 3 – what three tasks do I need to get done today above all else?

- The rule of 5 – if it takes less than five minutes to do, do it.

- Reflection - it’s amazing how much motivation you can get from taking 5 minutes to look back on what you’ve accomplished.

Intermission Q (Matt) – Being from Australia, do you find it difficult to speak with a “Canadian accent” like we find it difficult to speak an Aussie accent?

I only speak Australian so I’ve never heard of this Canadian accent you speak of.

7. Where are you from and where do you call home today?

Sydney, Australia and Canada is my home!

8. What is your favourite local place to visit or favourite local activity?

Likely a mountain Matt has climbed, near Victoria

Again hard to narrow it down to one, but I’m most at home at the top of a mountain.

9. Your top three hobbies/interests?

- Hiking/Mountaineering

- Eastern philosophy

- Anything exercise related (gym, trail running, yoga etc)

10. Your favourite sports team(s) and why?

Liverpool F.C. (they play a sport that you Canadians call ‘soccer’). Why? Michael Owen was one of my favourite players growing up and he played for Liverpool

Final closing Q – If you were a Star Wars character, who would you be, and why?

Luke Skywalker, his story arc resonates with me most as it’s highly likely at some point in my life I’ll grow a big beard, disconnect from society and live like a hermit.

Will this be Matt in a few decades? Guess we'll have to wait and see...

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