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13 Questions for Creative Lead Joel Davis

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

1. What do you do at Mash? Tell us why you’re awesome!

I help make eye-catching, high-impact and story-driven graphics and video for our clients. Whether it’s billboards, newspaper ads, LED trucks, stadium displays or TV ads. We always deliver.

We take your message and make it cut through the noise so our clients stand out from the crowd. And we do it while making everything look beautiful.

2. What’s your favourite part about working with different clients?

A successful project Joel saw through start to finish

I love the challenges of having to work with new looks, styles and stories for different brands. There’s

always something new to make and that keeps it fresh and exciting!

3. What’s the biggest misconception people have about what you do?

Some people think Graphic Design or video is all about making things look pretty.

It’s more trying to figure out the best way to organize the message/content to make it clear and easy for the audience to digest while also making it look pretty.

Intermission Q (Joel) – Legend has it you once flew a drone into a mountain. Is this true?

The mountain actually flew into my drone. #ripdrone

The mountain that flew into Joel's drone. Probably.

4. What did you do before coming to Mash?

Joel winning GOLD at Skills Canada

Before Mash, I was in school at Sask polytechnic while working on small design and video work for friends, family and small businesses.

I was also in the Skills national and provincial competition for graphic design and brought home a gold medal.

But before that, it was all customer service jobs.

5. Who influenced you the most when it comes to how you work?

Joel graduating from Sask Polytech graphic design program

It’s hard to think of just a few people. But the one that first comes to mind is my mom. She taught me to always work for what I want and to always look into the future. She showed me that if you work hard/smart enough you can achieve anything and make it out of any situation. Even if it looks like there’s no way out. Moms are GOATs (that's "Greatest of all time", for those wondering).

BUT for Graphic Design my teachers at Sask Polytechnic influenced me the most. Honorable mentions: Chris Do, Aaron Draplin and a bunch of other people I can’t think of.

For video, it would be Christopher Nolan, Quentin Tarantino, Martin Scorsese, Mark Bone, Chrystopher Rhodes and the guys at Fulltime Filmmaker.

6. What’s your go-to productivity trick? How do you really crush it?

It’s weird but I visualize all possible distractions in one frame, then literally push it aside and don’t think about it until I’ve completed my tasks. Weird, I know, but effective.

I also tell myself I’ll only do something for 5 minutes and then end up getting hooked.

Intermission Q (Joel) – The most legendary thing you’ve ever drawn or designed?

The best thing Joel has designed - an old grumpy version of self

As a kid, my brother and I would stay up all night making comic books of the X-men in our bathroom with the door locked on a school night. We made 3-5 comics with multiple pages, a story, and every frame hand-drawn. We got really obsessed with this and pretty much created our own world.

It was LEGEN… wait for it… DARY.

This all ended when my mom found out though. Apparently, we had more important things to do like sleep for school.

7. Where are you from and where do you call home today?

A long long time ago in Stoughton, SK

From Albania then moved to Germany for a while before settling in good old Saskatchewan. In Saskatchewan, I’ve lived in Regina, Stoughton, Saskatoon and now back to Regina.

I’m a bit of a Nomad at heart but home is wherever family is.

8. What is your favourite local place to visit or favourite local activity?

The dazzling sand of Saskatoon's Paradise Beach

Any park with a long walkway (for longboarding) or basketball hoop.

When I lived in Saskatoon my favorite place was Paradise Beach. Went there every weekend.

9. Your top three hobbies/interests?

1) Anything video/design related– watching movies/making movies

2) Being active (working out, hiking, camping)

3) Video games. I Stan Halo.

(One of the great short personal video projects Joel recently made)

10. Your favourite sports team(s) and why?

I’ve played sports my whole life but never actually got into watching them! Sad, because I miss out on so much small talk.

(Everyone knows sports are everything)

Final closing Q – If you were a Star Wars character, who would you be, and why?

Joel's design talents are never wasted

Obi-Wan Kenobi because I like to think that I assess situations and all possible outcomes before taking action.

I enjoy helping and teaching others when I have the knowledge to give.

You could say… I am one with the force.

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