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Welcome, Afroze!

We're very happy to have welcomed Afroze Qayyum to the Mash team in October of this year as our new Digital Marketing Coordinator. Prior to joining our team, Afroze most recently spent time in the agency space, helping a variety of clients across many industries achieve their digital marketing objectives. Now, she'll be a welcome addition and boost of capacity to our web and marketing shop - a growing part of Mash Strategy!

Joining us from Edmonton, she considers herself a pro in executing well-organized SEO and organic content creation. She knows the ins and outs of online advertising and understands how to navigate through the customer journey from start to finish.

And for further proof of how she can work magic in the marketing world, she also side hustles a successful gourmet donut shop, known as Donut Girl on this site and Instagram page.

In her spare time, Afroze isn't just a baker extraordinaire and burgeoning entrepreneur.. she loves to also hit the gym, living an active lifestyle in Alberta's capital city - even suggesting reviving the time-old tradition of chin-up competitions at Mash.. we'll see about that one.

We're extremely happy to welcome Afroze to the team, helping boost our in-house digital marketing capacity, and helping our clients get the customers and results they're looking for.

Did Afroze actually juggle these? You be the judge.

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