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the stakes

How much is confusing messaging costing you? How many people are ignoring your message because it doesn’t grab attention?

How many years are you wasting without a clear comms plan? What is that unfair government policy costing your business? Is your current agency giving you true ROI on your digital marketing?

You have one chance to make a mark on the world. A lack of clarity and boring marketing is costing you.

You need a communication quarterback that takes you from confusion to clarity and from boring to bold. So you can leave a legacy.


(Without Mash)
  • Weak, confusion message
  • Blurred vision
  • Sllooowwww creative execution
  • No results


(With Mash)
  • Strong clear message
  • Unified strategic plan
  • Fast, fun, beautiful creative content
  • Exponential influence and growth

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Branding, Messaging and Social Media Content
Public Relations, Strategy, Website, Messaging
Indigenous resource network
Strategic Communications, Advocacy, Social Media Content
Branding and Graphic Design
Public Relations, Strategy, Website, Messaging
Messaging, web, digital, video
Public Relations, Strategy, Website, Messaging
Public Relations, Strategy, Website, Messaging
Lead generation, video, web and branding
Branding, Digital, Strategic Communications
Website, messaging, digital

Chief masher

Our founder Derek Robinson started Mash after frustration with the slow, uninspiring work he experienced working with other agencies.

He figured the tactical speed and creative precision learned in political war-rooms would be a game changer for organization across Canada. He was right.

Mash has expanded across Canada with their mantra to Think Politically, Act Creatively – the perfect mix of high-end strategy and creative execution.

This unique approach has seen 10+ business triple in size, helped several groups shift government policy and helped many political leaders brand themselves and win.

About us
Founder_Derek Robinson
Derek Robinson and former Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall

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