The Indigenous Resource Network (IRN)

Indigenous Resource Network (IRN), a platform for Indigenous workers, business owners and leaders who support Indigenous engagement in the resource sector, wanted to increase their reach and be heard by Canadians and the Canadian government. In the media, Indigenous communities have been portrayed as against resource development. The IRN looks to change that narrative and show that Indigenous people see the value of responsible development.


The Indigenous Resource Network (IRN) required a campaign that would promote the creation of a national Indigenous Guaranteed Loan program. This program would allow Indigenous communities and businesses to have equity in resource projects, giving them a seat at the table as a stakeholder and gaining revenue.

What we did

Our campaign goal was to encourage the public to reach out to Federal ministers and have the IRN’s message heard. Accordingly, we created a fresh and bold brand with a hard-hitting name: OWNERSHIP CHANGES EVERYTHING. The branding included a new logo, visual standard and website to compel the public to take action. We expanded our reach through social media target audiences by leveraging the IRN’s current audience base. Our captivating videos and graphics compel the public to click and take action. In addition, we utilised a digital advocacy platform. This two-step widget integrated into our campaign website created an easy way for the public to follow through on their action.


Since the start of this campaign, IRN has seen an average increase of 300% in reach across social media platforms. With continued targeting of key audiences and eye-catching graphics and videos, we will continue to increase IRN’s reach across Canada and traction in the media and government to have Indigenous voices heard.
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