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TruGreen Metal Recycling

TruGreen Metal Recycling (TGM), a western Canada based mobile metal scrap metal recycler that is trusted by thousands of prairie land owners and farmers. TruGreen gets most of its customers through cold lead generation through a variety of digital channels as well as traditional marketing through direct mail. TruGreen Metal differentiates itself by offering upfront cash before completing the job and above all providing great customer service. In an industry with a large saturation of bad scrappers TruGreen is changing the reputation of metal recycling by cleaning up the prairies one satisfied customer at a time.


TruGreen Metal Recycling, a mobile scrap metal recycling company based in Saskatchewan wanted to expand into the Alberta market and generate a stream of consistent sales leads to facilitate their expansion.

What we did

We utilized a mix of social media, search engine marketing and traditional marketing to build awareness of TruGreen Metal’s services amongst farmers and businesses in the prairies, and leveraging the social proof of the existing customer base to further propel TruGreen Metal’s reputation as a provider of choice for scrap metal recycling services. Our social media and search engine marketing focused on clear, concise language around the benefits of TruGreen Metal’s services, and leveraged a simple sales funnel to boost conversion rates over time. For traditional marketing channels we utilized a blend of mailers and guerrilla marketing. Mailers in particular were great for targeting remote farms across the prairies that may not access social media and search engines.


TruGreen Metal Recycling went from a one person operation with a single pickup truck in 2015 to a team of over 50 people with a fleet of 18 wheelers and excavators. 75 leads per week TruGreen Metal is now the leading scrap metal recycler in western Canada, and helps thousands of customers a year recycle over 600 million pounds of scrap metal to date.
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