Artificial intelligence (AI) is something businesses can’t ignore. Before too long, businesses that don’t evolve to incorporate it into their daily operations will be left in the dust.

AI can help you think and draft, but one of the biggest downsides of AI in public relations and communications is the lack of human touch.

Using AI to draft emails or write news releases can backfire on you. We hear stories about how executives have opted to use AI to automate emails to staff and company updates. While it may sound like a quick option, it can actually have a poor impact on morale for employees or a brand when their audiences realize that the message that they’re reading or responding to lacks the human touch.

Not to mention, putting too much personal and sensitive information in the hands of AI puts you at risk of a data breach.

That’s not to say that AI is all bad. AI can help speed up media monitoring, streamline project management tools and provide extremely resourceful content audits, which means agencies like us here at Mash can focus more of our attention and hours on producing compelling content and communications strategies.

AI cannot replace the personal connections and professional contacts that we’ve made, and it’s no replacement for strong writing skills or well researched and creative digital work. It does serve in a complimentary capacity though.Unsure of where to start? We’re here to answer any questions about effectively incorporating AI into your operations and ensure you get the results that you want.