Will your brand be ready when crisis strikes?

Sorry, but relying solely on media to cover your side of the story just isn’t going to cut it anymore.

In this day and age, media outreach alone won’t save your brand’s reputation.

People will be looking to you and your brand for updates. And in 2023, that means your social media platforms and website.

That’s why organizations and brands need an effective crisis communications plan on hand and the tools and team of professionals to address concerns when a crisis hits.

Here’s what your crisis plan should include:

  • An appointed crisis management team: Build your team for handling crisis communications, such as your official spokesperson, PR experts, and any relevant department heads within your organization.

  • Risk assessment and scenario planning: Identify potential crisis scenarios and their possible impacts. You need to be completely truthful with your brand and identify any potential threats early on. Then, create response strategies for each scenario to ensure you're fully prepared.

  • Clear communication protocols: Define a chain of command and communication channels for relaying information. Quick and accurate communication is crucial.

  • Digital strategy: Create social media content, graphics and videos to provide clear, quick and direct updates that reach broad audiences. You control the narrative.

  • Media relations strategy: Establish designated spokespeople, and approved messaging. Act quickly and transparently when posting to social media channels and liaising with the media.

At Mash, our quick turnaround time on products, services and access to our team of knowledgeable strategists can help you handle a crisis that hits at any hour of the day. We’ve got your back.

A well-executed crisis communications strategy can be what makes - or without it, breaks - your brand.

Are you ready?

Remember, a crisis is your opportunity to put your brand’s strength on the line.